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Miami Corner Store - Part 2/3: Modeling Everything (Free Maya/UE4 Course)

Category: Maya, UE4
July 19, 2023

"Miami Corner Store" was going to be a full step-by-step tutorial course to creating a building environment set in Miami using Maya and UE4. Unfortunately it never got finished. Out of 7 modules, I completed 3. I've decided to release the completed videos to you for free.

Let's get to Part 2/3: Maya Modeling.

Part 2 of Miami Corner Store is focused on modeling the building and all its details using MayaLT/Maya. You will see the entire modeling process.

Full 3-Part Miami Corner Store Tutorial Series:

What You Will Learn in Module 2 (25 videos, 4 hours 16 min):

  • Modeling the main building
  • Modeling building detail such as windows, doors, shutters, pipes, electric wires, railing and much more

Video 2.1: Modeling the Main Shape

Taking the blockout we did from exported UE4 BSP and begin modeling the main shape of the building.

Video 2.2: Export/Import Setup Maya to UE4

Setting up the export/import file process from Maya to UE4.

Video 2.3: Building Detail

Modeling building detail.

Video 2.4: Windows

Modeling windows within the building.

Video 2.5: Windows UVs

UVing the windows so we can duplicate them across the building. This will save time during UVing process so we don't have to redo this.

Video 2.6: Double Windows

Modeling the larger, double windows.

Video 2.7: Interior Window Space

Modeling the space behind the windows to give illusion of an interior.

Video 2.8: AC Units

Modeling AC units on the building.

Video 2.9: Windows ACs

Placing the ac units across the building in windows.

Video 2.10: Doors

Modeling the doors.

Video 2.11: Awnings

Modeling the building's awnings.

Video 2.12: Stairs

Modeling the stairs.

Video 2.13: Roof

Modeling the roof.

Video 2.14: Window Shutter

Modeling the first floor window shutter.

Video 2.15: Window Bars

Modeling the window bars.

Video 2.16: Water Drain

Modeling the water drain pipe.

Video 2.17: Building's Lights

Modeling the building's exterior lights.

Video 2.18: Electric Pipes

Modeling the electrical pipes.

Video 2.19: Electric Meter

Modeling the electrical meter.

Video 2.20: Electric Boxes

Modeling the electric boxes.

Video 2.21: Electric Wires

Modeling the electrical wires.

Video 2.22: Railing

Modeling the railing.

Video 2.23: Interior Cards

Modeling the interior cards to be used as curtains or cardboard.

Video 2.24: Side Walk

Modeling the sidewalk outside the building.

Video 2.25: Ground Planes

Modeling the ground planes behind and to the side of the building.

Full 3-Part Miami Corner Store Tutorial Series:

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