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FREE PDF Guide: Maya 3D Primer

"Maya® 3D Primer: Quick Start Guide to Maya for Environment Art"

"Maya 3D Primer" is a FREE Quick Start PDF Guide to begin using Maya for environment art. It contains 200+ pages and features over 85+ tips and how to techniques. If you want to get started with Maya as a beginner - SUBSCRIBE NOW AND GET THIS MASSIVE GUIDE!
Maya 3D Primer: Quick Start Guide to Maya for Environment Art
  • Massive, FREE PDF Guide Includes:
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  • Begin using Maya today
  • 200+ pages
  • Techniques, tips and insider knowledge
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What You Will Learn from "Maya 3D Primer" PDF Guide:

  • Important 3D principles and concepts most beginners miss
  • 4 Ways to Download Maya (For Indie Devs, Freelancers, Hobbyists and Students)
  • First time inside Maya - what to do
  • How to avoid and fix most common beginner mistakes
  • 4 primary modeling methods you need to know about
  • Overview of 3D asset creation pipeline workflow
  • Mastering viewport navigation
  • Understanding Maya's interface in one glance
  • How to organize and manage your Maya projects
  • How to view your model Poly Count in the viewport
  • 4 important Maya editors you need to know about
  • How to reset Maya back to default settings if you mess up the interface and can't get Maya to work
  • How to create polygon primitives and start modeling
  • Quick way to find correct XYZ direction to set you up for modeling
  • Set up your viewport like this for modeling
  • Learn how to work with objects in Maya - how to edit vertices, edges and faces
  • How to snap objects to grid, vertices and edges
  • How to control object's pivot points
  • The 11 essential modeling tools you need to know to get started modeling
  • Learn to blockout environments with a geometry modeling basic exercise
  • What are UVs and what's UV Mapping vs UV Unwrapping vs UVing
  • Learn how to quickly work within the UV Editor
  • How to create new materials and assign them to your models
  • What is 0-1 UV space
  • Improving your UV workflow with UV Editor view modes
  • 4 different UV projection methods for Unwrapping you will start with
  • How to tweak your model after you already UVed the mesh
  • 70+ Maya shortcuts for environment art to speed up your workflow in Maya
  • And much, much more in this 200+ page PDF Guide

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