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Corridor Project created with UE4

UE5: How to Create Your First Project and Launch the Editor

After you've downloaded and installed the latest version of Unreal Engine 5, you need to create a project in order to launch the UE5 editor and begin creating.

Here is how...

UE5: How to Download and Install UE5 in 5 Minutes

I will tell you how to download and install the latest version of UE5, including any older versions of UE in just 5 minutes.

Here is how...

4 Primary 3D Modeling Methods Every Beginner Needs to Know About

There are 4 primary modeling methods you need to know about. Polygonal, Subdivision, Sculpting and NURB/Curve modeling. Well, sculpting is not technically modeling but it does produce a mesh and is a very important part of 3d asset creation. I will explain more.

Each is used for a specific end result but there are many overlaps. In fact all 4 of these could be used within a single asset creation. But usually you isolate each of these into its unique modeling methods to get the job done.

Let's break these down one-by-one and get into it more...

Modeling Better Windows for Environment Design in Maya (5-Part Series)

How do you model better windows for environments in Maya?

In this 5-part series I will show you how.

We will model a total of 23 different types of windows. From fixed to hung, sliding, bay, circular and arch. All will be created within a modular wall. You will also learn how to detach the windows so they are separate piece of geometry.

Lots of techniques, tips and tools are covered in this 5-part series. Let's begin...

Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed, Stuck and Wanting to Quit 3D Art

Becoming a 3d artist puts you on the road of constantly feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, wanting to quit and thinking you will never become a great 3d artist.

You will constantly ask yourself "Is this really for me? Will I ever actually learn this? Will I ever be good enough to create the work I see others create?"

The path for 3d artist is paved with experiencing the highest highs and the lowest lows. More projects will be incomplete than the ones you do complete.

So, how do you get over the feeling of overwhelm and frustration when learning and becoming a 3d artist?

Secrets to Getting Started with Maya as Complete Beginner 3D Artist

Every 3d artist needs to learn modeling software but once you begin you will hit road block after roadblock.

If you are completely new to Maya and have no clue where to start, this post will tell you.

Here are the secrets to learning Maya every beginner needs to know...

Focus On These 11 Modeling Tools to Get Started with Maya for Beginners

You only need to know 11 modeling tools to get started modeling in Maya. With these you'll be able to model most of environments and props.

Focus on mastering these 11 first.

Now Out - "Maya Foundation: Home-Study Course" Tutorials

The massive "Maya Foundation: Home Study Course" is now available for download.

It is the Complete Beginner's Guide to Learning Maya Modeling and UVing:

  • No prior 3d experience/modeling knowledge required
  • Learn Maya modeling and UVing as a complete beginner
  • Save thousands of dollars from attending college classes
  • Save months of wasted time watching irrelevant YouTube tutorials
  • 65+ videos
  • 18+ hours

Deep diving into Maya...

How to Get Maya to Learn It and Use It - 4 Ways (For Indie Devs, Freelancers, Hobbyists and Students)

There are 4 ways to get Maya to learn it, to use it and to create with...

18 Crucial Mistakes Beginners Make Using Maya - How to Fix Them and Avoid Them

As a beginner you will make a lot of mistakes and not know how to fix them. One of the most frustrating things about learning Maya is accidently pressing a shortcut key then not knowing how to disable it.

In this post I will show you most common mistakes a beginner makes, how to avoid them and how to fix them.

Beginner's Tutorial to Creating Chain Link Fence (Maya, Substance Painter, UE5)

Chain link fence - you will need one for any urban or suburban environment you create. You don't need to model the actual chain link geometry. You need to use opacity mask to fake the illusion of your geometry through a texture and this is done in Substance Painter. In this 3-part tutorial breakdown you will see the entire process:

  • Part 1: Chain Link Fence Modeling and Uving in Maya
  • Part 2: Chain Link Fence Texturing in Substance Painter
  • Part 3: Chain Link Fence in UE5

Maya: Quick Tip Tutorials Part 1 (Tips #1-10)

The following quick tips series is created for beginners and experts using Maya software.These are quick, useful tips to help improve, refine and remind you of tools, techniques, shortcuts and principles you may have not known or forgotten about. All videos are very short, between 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

The Making of Retro Soda Vending Machine (Maya, Substance Painter, UE5)

Creating environments can be overwhelming due to the amount of work that's required. Props can help you focus on one object at a time without having to worry on something bigger that will take weeks or months to complete. Most props can be completed within a couple of days. Not to mention that you'll need to create your own props to set dress your environments. In this making of, I'm going to show you how the retro soda vending machine was created and challenges that came from it.

Substance Painter: Guide to Adding Text/Font and Alpha Design Logos

Substance Painter doesn't have a Text Tool as you would expect. But there is a way to add custom text onto your textures/models. In this tutorial we'll cover how to add custom text, design logo stamps and few extra things that most tutorials fail to mention.

Substance Painter: Complete How to Create Glass Tutorial

Here is how to create glass in Substance Painter. In addition, I'll show you how to add your own customized dirt to the glass and how to export textures so you can set up the glass material in Unreal Engine.

Maya: Guide to Randomizing Position for Vertices, Edges and Faces on Geometry

Learn how to randomize vertices, edges or faces in Maya for some procedural and more natural look. Great for terrains, floor tiles, city buildings or anything else you need to be random and not hand manipulated.

UE5: Re-Create Standard Map Template Lighting & Disable/Control Auto-Exposure (Eye Adaptation)

In this tutorial you will learn how to recreate the standard map template with all the lighting actors that you need to make it work and a UE Mannequin model to judge scale as you build environments.

As well as how to disable Auto-Exposure (Eye Adaptation) which controls how your eyes naturally adjust when you go from a bright environment into a dark environment and vice versa.

Maya/UE5: How to Match Grid Size and Dimensions in Maya to UE5 - EXPLAINED

Setting the grid up in Maya to match UE5 is very important prior to modeling any prop or environment.

Here is how to get this ratio 1-to-1 and match grid spacing between Maya and Unreal Engine 5.

Maya/UE5 Breakdown: Creating Modular Steel Beams/Supports from O'Hara Airport Terminal

In this tutorial breakdown I'm going to cover how I created modular steel beam support from O'Hare Airport terminal.

I've always liked the design and the silhouette of these steel beams. And for the longest time I've always wanted to create them and put them into a game engine.

So for this following breakdown I'm going to cover the process of creating this modular steel beam set.

Complete Game Prop Creation - Wooden Barrel with Maya, Substance and UE4

The idea came from wanting to do a simple prop so I can texture it in Substance Painter to learn the software.

Didn't want to use any previous models I've created. Decided to create a new one and went with a simple prop - a file cabinet.

I also didn't want to stop there but use the prop to create, light and render a small scene with it.

I created a full workshop for you to see the modeling, UVing process in Maya. Then texturing process in Substance Painter. I also added a small bonus section of the final, small scene I put together to light and render with...

Workshop - Maya/Substance: Modeling/UV in Maya to Substance Painter Texturing - File Cabinet Prop

The idea came from wanting to do a simple prop so I can texture it in Substance Painter to learn the software.

Didn't want to use any previous models I've created. Decided to create a new one and went with a simple prop - a file cabinet.

I also didn't want to stop there but use the prop to create, light and render a small scene with it.

I created a full workshop for you to see the modeling, UVing process in Maya. Then texturing process in Substance Painter. I also added a small bonus section of the final, small scene I put together to light and render with...

Complete Beginner's Guide to Using Redshift with Maya

I have NEVER heard of Redshift before. But once I started using it I was impressed.

Redshift is a GPU based render. Most renders are CPU based but not this one. Requirements for Redshift favor Nvidia based graphics cards, so it won't work with AMD.

After having to learn and teach Redshift, I really like it. I see why many people prefer it. It is fast and creates great results.

Here is the COMPLETE tutorial guide to getting started with Redshift for Maya...

UE4: Create Overcast Day Lighting with Sky Atmosphere

Overcast day creates a very distinctive atmospheric feel - melancholy, somber, emotional, quiet and desolate.

Overcast lighting scatters light in all directions and removes strong light and shadows. This introduces additional artistic and technical roadblocks you wouldn't normally experience.

In this tutorial I will show you how to do overcast lighting using Sky Atmosphere.

What I Learned as 3D Instructor in Last 6+ Months

6+ months and no updates. It's been a while…

What has been happening? And is WoLD coming back?

Even though I've been absent, I have not gone away and I am coming back to publishing tutorials.

Reason for my absence is due to taking on a contracted position as a 3d instructor at DAVE School in Orlando. I've been teaching aspiring artist the fundamentals of 3d art, design, modeling, UVing, texturing, rendering and sculpting. And as a result I've been also leveling up in silence.

In this post I will share what I've learned as a 3d instructor in last 6+ months and how it can help you to become a better artist and complete your work...

UE4: Step-by-Step to Creating Your First Volumetric Cloud Material

The most important part of how the Volumetric Clouds look comes from the Material, which is then passed on to a Material Instance.

I decided to figure out how to create my own Volumetric Cloud material so I can understand what is happening, what the parameters do and most importantly to have more control over the cloud shape.

In this tutorial I show you how to create your own Volumetric Cloud material, step-by-step.

UE4: Analysis of Volumetric Clouds and How to Use Them

The previous way was to use a Sky Sphere Static Mesh and a Sky Material with moving or static cloud textures that would be applied to the sky sphere mesh. Now instead, you can now use the new Volumetric Clouds.

Out of the box it isn't very clear or simple what you need to do and how to use the Volumetric Clouds in your environments. And most of the cloud examples files are hidden in a plugin.

Let's get started on Volumetric Cloud overview and how to use it.

UE4: Recreate the Dynamic Time of Day Template Level - Why You Should and How-To

The new Time of Day level template was introduced in 4.24. It includes dynamic lighting setup with new Sky Atmosphere actor and in 4.26 the new Volumetric Cloud actor.

BUT before you start using the new Time of Day level template there are few important things you need to understand.

Let's reverse engineer what's happening in the Time of Day template and recreate it, so you know how everything is working together.

UE4: Complete Guide to Spawning Foliage on Landscapes Using Grass Node Output

Did you know you can spawn foliage meshes on landscapes automatically, on specific texture layer and without having to manually paint using the Foliage Tool?

Once I found out I could do this, I never want to paint using the Foliage Tool again.

In this complete tutorial guide you will learn how to set up the Landscape Grass Output node and spawn foliage procedurally on your landscapes.

Let's get started...


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