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Let's Model #5: Office Furniture Props - Wooden Bookshelf, Cabinet, Desk

Category: Maya
May 30, 2023

Let's Model three office furniture props - wooden bookshelf, wooden cabinet and a wooden desk.

What you will learn in Let's Model #5:

  • How to model 3 different office props
  • Making the 3d asset connection between Maya and UE5 early
  • Why real world size dimensions don't work for UE5 when using game templates
  • How to model with precision
  • How to clean up and optimize using Target Weld
  • How to mirror objects to save time
  • Using Sweep Mesh to create desk handles
  • How to add additional bevels for higher quality props

First prop we model is a 5-shelf bookcase.

Second prop we model is a small wooden cabinet.

Third prop we model is a wooden desk.

And throughout the entire modeling pipeline we export each prop out of Maya and into UE5 to test scale and modeling detail.

Video Tutorial

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