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Intro: Unreal 3 11-Day Mapping Challenge

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December 20, 2008

I've wanted to do some sort of a personal mapping challenge. I now have figured out what it is that I will be doing.

I will make a custom map using Unreal Engine 3. My goal is to create and release a custom map in 11 days regardless of how it looks and plays at the end of these 11 days.

My Focus...
is to push my artist and technical skills in learning Unreal 3's terrain and custom model importing. I will either succeed or crash-n-burn trying. Either way I will learn and share my experience everyday here on my website/blog. I will post daily updates and screenshots of my progress.

I believe I will do just fine but I also have no idea what I am getting myself into. Which is the fun part.

Fail or succeed, lets get it on.

11 days...
from tomorrow Dec 21 and on Jan. 1, 2009 I will release a beta version of my map.

Unreal Tournament 3.

Planning, Time Management Breakdown:

Release date - Jan.1, 2009, beta version.

- Idea, Research, Reference, Floor plan and Gameplay Elements
- Geometry and Modeling
- Texturing
- Lighting
- FX, Sound and Final Touches
- Release Beta for testing

Intro: Unreal 3 11-Day Mapping Challenge

Dec. 20, 2008 – Saturday


DAY 1:
Dec. 21, 2008 – Sunday

Idea, Research, Reference, Floor plan and Gameplay Elements.
Sketches, Drawings.

DAY 2:
Dec. 22, 2008 – Monday

Geometry and Modeling

DAY 3:
Dec. 23, 2008 – Tuesday

Geometry and Modeling

DAY 4:
Dec. 24, 2008 – Wednesday

Geometry and Modeling

DAY 5:
Dec. 25, 2008 – Thursday


DAY 6:
Dec. 26, 2008 – Friday


DAY 7:
Dec. 27, 2008 – Saturday


DAY 8:
Dec. 28, 2008 – Sunday


DAY 9:
Dec. 29, 2008 – Monday

Lighting, FX, Sound and Final Touches

Day 10:
Dec. 30, 2008 – Tuesday

FX, Sound and Final Touches

DAY 11:
Dec. 31, 2008 – Wednesday

FX, Sound and Final Touches

Jan. 01, 2009 – Thursday
Beta Release

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