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L4D: How to Create an Elevator Part 1

Category: Source: L4D 1 & 2
August 26, 2009

L4D: How to Create an Elevator Part

Following video tutorial is a part 2 series. I go through all the steps required to create a function-able elevator in Left 4 Dead.

We will set up a button sequence to have our elevator travel to 2nd floor and back down on button press.

Part 2 of the tutorial can be found here.

Creating an Elevator:

Create an elevator out of brushes. Select all the brushes and turn them into an entity.

Entity: func_elevator

Name: elevator

You want to pay attention to the elevator's properties.

If your elevator is going up and down, then pay attention to the 3rd number in the sequence.

Top Floor Position / Bottom Floor Position

Make you know where you elevator is on bottom and on top.

Manually move your elevator to the top or to the bottom to find out the values.

Once you know that number, change it in the elevator properties.

Place 2 entities.


One on the top of the floor, one on the bottom.

Name top one: top

Name bottom one: bottom

Insert logic_relay entity

name: elevator_down_relay

Create a second logic_relay entity

name: elevator_top_relay

Create a button.

Use an entity, prop_dynamic for the visual representation of a button.

Parent the prop_dynamic to the elevator.

Use brush tool and create a brush with invisible texture applied on the brush.

Brush will be tied into an entity func_button. We won't see it in game, but it will act as a button.

Duplicate the same brush for the bottom

Control+T on both of the brushes and turn them into func_button.

Under flags set both buttons to Don't Move and Use Activates

Parent both func_buttons to the elevator

Read Part 2 of the Creating an Elevator in L4D Hammer


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