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L4D2: How to Create Scavenge Gamemode Part 1

Category: Source: L4D 1 & 2
February 23, 2010

L4D2 Tutorial covers:

Setting up all the necessary entities for Scavenge gamemode type

1. Required Entities

Safe Starting Area
Scavenge Items (weapons, items, 16 gascans)
4 info_survivor_positions
2 point_templates
3 logic_relays

2. Scavenge Generator

Either copy/paste the scavenge generator or use func_instance to insert the generator.

I prefer the copy/paste method. This allows me to make sure the names of generator entities pop-up when I set up the output system.

3. Info_Game_Event_Proxy

Insert info_game_event_proxy

Name: event_scavenge_startarea

Name of Event to Generate: explain_scavenge_leave_area

Range: 600

Flags: Fire Automatically

4. Info_game_event_proxy

Create safe starting area, using 4 brushes.

Assign effects/scavenge_boundary texture to both sides of the brush. Inner/Outer side.

Tie to Entity: func_brush

Name: brush_scavenge_boundary

5. Checkpoint Region

Surround the generator and safe starting area boundary with a brush with trigger texture.

Tie to Entity: func_nav_attribute_region

Name: navattr_scavenge_checkpoint

Flags: checkpoint

6. Nav Blocker

Place 2 brushes with trigger texture under the generator.

Tie to Entity: func_nav_blocker

Name: navblock_scavenge

7. Info_Survivor_Positions

Insert 4 info_survivor_positions.

For all

Name: scavenge_positions

Gamemode: scavenge

For each info_survivor_position, assign survivor name.

Nick, Rochelle, Coach, Ellis

Which survivor will spawn at that position?

8. Weapons and Items

Now we can insert some entities that will spawn us some weapons and items.

weapon_item_spawn entity

Name: scavenge_items

Make sure that under flags, you have Spawned Items Must Exist is checked.

For specific instructions on how to add weapons and items, check out the same steps in the L4D2: Survival Tutorial Gametype. Scroll down to number 6.

Part 2 of the Scavenge Tutorial can be found here...


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