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"10-Year-Old Brother" Game Environment Challenge

Category: Challenges
October 04, 2011

Bioshock. 2K Boston/Digital Extremes

UPDATE # 1: October 14, 2011 Work In Progress Update

UPDATE # 2: November 02, 2011 Final Work and Winners

"10-year-old Brother" Environment Challenge.

The challenge was started by WoLD member Robert aka BasketQase. Me and the moderators liked the challenge so much that we decided to make this into an official WoLD Game Environment Challenge. So before we get started, I want to thank Robert for coming up with the idea and 1111mediaworks.com for t-shirts to top 3 entries.

So what is this challenge about?

Here is the overview of the challenge.

Robert aka BasketQase asked his 10-year-old brother to come up with a theme for the challenge that he and his friends will think is "awesome". Judging will be done by Robert's brother and his friends. More details below...

Why is this a great challenge for game environment artists and level designers?

I believe this is great because not only do you have to create a game environment, but you have to appeal to a specific target audience. 10 year olds. As many of you know that when you are working on a game, a game environment or a level design, you have to design to a specific theme, a game story and certain demographic in mind.

The challenge is focused on creating a visually pleasing game environment that appeals to a specific audience.

Read the rest below as what you need to create, who will judge it, how long you have and all the details about this challenge.


  • Design and create a game environment built around the theme suggested by Robert's ten-year-old brother: an underwater city that contains a "gigantic battle tower" where warriors would go to face challenges on each floor of the tower and be crowned supreme when they defeated the "boss" challenge at the top.


  • Underwater City


Any game level editor or 3d software. Some suggestions are:


  • Build the mentioned game environment for any engine/game. It doesn't have to be "playable" in the sense of having AI or scripted parts. Visuals and layout will be key.
  • 22 days or less to start and complete the challenge.
  • Use custom assets and/or game's built-in assets.
  • Must fit within the ESRB's E-10+ guidelines. (See here for details: ESRB ratings guide)


  • 3 Beauty Screenshots
  • Optional: 30-second video fly-through and downloadable level file
  • Brief backstory for the environment that will be read to the kids before the level is shown.
  • Screenshots with no hud
  • How well you appealed to the target audience of 10-year-olds. Remember it will be judged by 10-year-olds. (By Robert's brother and his friends)
  • How well the theme is incorporated
  • E-10+ rating. M-rating will not be qualified for judging.
  • Create a log of Work In Progress Thread on WoLD Forums
  • There will be top winner and two runner ups which will be featured on the blog and follow-up forum thread.
  • If you have any questions about the challenge and/or judging criteria visit this thread and ask us.


  • 1 T-Shirt. Robert and his dad from 1111mediaworks.com have offered to provide (3) 11:11 t-shirts to top 3 entries.
  • Important Note: Once the top 3 have been chosen, you must provide a valid mailing address by October 28 to be eligible, so 1111mediaworks.com can send you the t-shirt. Personal information will be kept private and only shared with 1111mediaworks.com to mail your t-shirt. Top 3 entires will receive a pm (personal message) from the WoLD forums from AlexG asking you your first name, last name and mailing address.


  • Deadline: Wednesday - October 26, 2011 at midnight your time.
  • Judges: Rob's 10-year-old brother and his friends.
  • Submission: 3 beauty screenshots, no hud and a brief story of your environment.
  • Optional: 30 second video and a download of your level to look around. This is optional but may help to choose the top 3 entries.
  • WIP Thread: Post final screenshots in your own Work In Progress Thread on WoLD Forums.
  • WIP Naming: Name your thread 10-Year-Old Challenge - Your Name


  • If you are looking for a way to host your screenshots somewhere else, please download and use Dropbox. It is a free service that allows you to host images, and let others to download your maps.
  • If you have your own website server, you should be good to go hosting your images from your website


Here are few helpful ideas on what may be appealing to a 10-year-olds and what they may like: (this list is not to tell you what you should design, these are just helpful suggestions)

Transformers Games
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
The Lord of the Rings: Conquest

All the recent Marvel movies (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, etc.)
Cowboys and Aliens
Transformers movies
How to Train Your Dragon

TV Shows:
Phineas and Ferb
Invader Zim
Regular Show
Thundercats (the new one)
Star Wars: the Clone Wars


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