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L4D: Navigational Meshes and Spawn Infected

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June 15, 2009

Now we get into the fun and more advanced gameplay elements. After the following tutorial you will be able to add infected to our map, set up navigational meshes and shoot some infected.

You have to compile your map and be in-game while editing navigational meshes.

Navigational Meshes Console commands:

nav_edit 1: turns on navigational editing

nav_edit 0: turns off navigational editing

director_stop: stops the director from spawning infected

director_start: forces the director to spawn infected

nb_delete_all: removes the survivors and all the infected from your map



nav_clear_selected_set: clear a selection

nav_toggle_in_selected_set: select a set that your mouse is pointing at

nav_delete: deletes selected navigation

nav_save: saves your navigation into a file along with your map name .nav

nav_analyze: analyze your navigation for errors

mark PLAYER_START: marks a specific location on navigation with Player Start property

mark FINALE: marks a specific location on navigation with Finale

These two elements are required to make sure that info_director works properly and the survivors know where to go.

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