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L4D: Creating Simple Terrain Displacement

Category: Source: L4D 1 & 2
June 03, 2009

In the following tutorial I show you how to create a simple terrain displacement in your Left 4 Dead map.

1. Creating terrain in L4D Hammer is simple to do but difficult to master.

2. Displacement terrain can be created from any face brush geometry.

3. Select Face Edit Sheet and click on Displacement tab.

4. Select the faces of the brush that you want to turn into geometry and click on Create.

5. You will be presented with an option of how detailed and tessalated you want your terrain geometry to be.

Rule of thumb is to start low and then increase your detail power as you add detail.

Also, if a player will not be close up and walking on terrain, leave it at 2.

6. Select the faces of the brush that you want to turn into geometry and click on Create.

7. Editing displacement terrain is simple as well.

Select your terrain with displacement tab open and click on Paint Geometry.

You can raise and lower your terrain with Raise/Lower by clicking:
LMB: Lower
RMB: Raise

- Spatial: affects the control points around the vertice you are working with

- Work on a single axis only for better control

- Distance is the strength of the brush

- Radius is the size of the brush

- AutoSew: allows sewing multiple terrains together.


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