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Game World of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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October 09, 2012

Game Worlds series is focused on providing you with ideas, inspiration and game screenshot references.

In 2001 I was addicted to Counter-Strike. It dominated my life for a year and a half. I am ashamed to admit how many hours I've spent playing this game. At the same time I started mapping for it as well. I've started a lot of maps, which most did not see the light of day. I released only one fy map. Small, all out deathmatch set on top of a building's rooftop. That was the extent of my mapping for Counter-Strike. With few dozen maps started, I suffered from never finishing any of them. But I did have a lot of fun figuring out Hammer level editor, creating what I could and playing the game.

My Counter-Strike mapping passion has not gone away. I continue to think of map ideas and how I would implement them in Counter-Strike. When Counter-Strike: Source came out in 2004, I didn't get to play the game very much nor did I spend any time mapping for it. I missed the boat. Later in 2008 I satisfied my Hammer Source level design urges with L4D1/2 mapping. But I always wanted to dedicate more time to Counter-Strike level design without going back to Counter-Strike: Source that was released in 2004. When I heard there is a new version of Counter-Strike coming out in 2012 I was very excited. Now that the game is out you will be seeing full blown tutorial series on how to create full maps using Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

But before the series goes live, lets spend some time looking at the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Below you will find official maps from the game in screenshots. There are over 280+ screenshots I took in-game to show you the world of CS: GO.

The maps include:

  • CS_Italy
  • CS_Office
  • CS_Office
  • DE_Aztec
  • DE_Bank
  • DE_Dust
  • DE_Dust2
  • DE_Inferno
  • DE_Lake
  • DE_Nuke
  • DE_Safehouse
  • DE_StMark
  • DE_Sugarcane
  • DE_Train
  • AR_Baggage
  • AR_Shoots

Below are screenshots of official maps in CS:GO. If you prefer to have high res screenshots in jpg format, you can download it below.

CS:GO High Res Screenshot Download Zip 100 Megs.
















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