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Productivity and Time/Project Management - Tutorials List

Full tutorial list for being productive, managing your time and your projects

Tutorials on mental focus, time management, project management, goal setting and being productive for level designers, game environment artist and game designers. How to get your work finished.

Productivity, Time Management, Project Management:

How to Have the Best Level Design and Game Environment Year

In this blog post I share what has been working for me and what I would recommend you do to have the best year in level design and game environment art.

13 Ways to Improve Your LD/3D Skill Away From a Computer

Ways of becoming better level designer/environment artist away from the computer. These can be done anywhere, anytime any place. Continue to improve and expand your knowledge.

Work On Your Map/Environment Art for 30 Days

How to develop a habit on working on your map or game environment art for 30 days straight, without missing a day.

How to be Highly Productive

How to be very productive. Six keys to getting more creative work done.

60-60-30 of Level Design Productivity

Unique and scientifically proven system of working in hourly chunks and then taking a break. System that I continue to use to this day.

Set a Deadline

Importance of setting a deadline and working towards a specific outcome.

Making Difficult Level Design Decisions

How to make difficult level design decisions. Defining your outcome for your map and your environment early.

Part Time Level Design

How to work on your map and your environment art when you have a job, family and other obligations.

Monthly Level Design/Environment Art Focus

Focus on a single topic, a single monthly improvement to get better at level designing or environment art.

8 Ways to Improve as an Artist/Designer

8 ways to improve as an environment artist and level designer.

Few Things I Learned in Last 4 Years...

Since graduating from Ringling with BFA in Computer Animation in 2009, I wrote things I've learned in my 4 years of college.

How to Start Your Own Level Design or Game Environment Challenge (8 Ways)

Focus on how to start your own self-imposed level design and game environment challenge to improve your work and process.

Top 6 Tutorials on Productivity, Focus and Time Management

Time management, focus, discipline and being able to finish a project are very important topics. Here are 6 top tutorials on productivity and time management.