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Constructivist Architecture

Category: Game Environment Art
October 12, 2008

Coming from the former Soviet Union I thought this particular architectural movement would be a nice way to start off this section.

Constructivist architecture is a form of modern archicture that started in former USSR in 1920s that emerged from constructivist art. Principles of Constructivism came from Suprematism, Newo Plasticism and Bauhaus. The architectural movement didn't last long, only till 1932 but the effects of it are still seen today.

Constructivist art applied 3d cubist vision to abstract and non-objective elements.

The style combines straight lines and various forms such as cylinders, squares, rectangles, cubes.

Elements of Constructivst art/architecture are:

  • minimal
  • geometric
  • spatial
  • architectonic
  • experimental

Constructivism explores opposition between different forms as well as the contrast of different surfaces: walls and windows. Windows are usually square or rectangular. Often wrapped around an entire building. There are round windows as well, usually at the top of the building.

Concstuctivist architecture movement emphasized and took advantage of the possibilites of new materials. Steel frames were seen supporting large areas of glass. Joints between various parts of buildings were exposed rather than concealed.

Many buildings had balconies and sun decks. Large windows in order to let the as much light as possible.

Lets got through the history of Constructivism. From early conceptual ideas to current influences our times.

How architecture applies to level design?

You are able to build more realistic environment. One that does not consist of guessing what a building looks like, why it's there and how it is supported. Most of the work has been done for you. You would have a better map that is grounded in reality as opposed to only imagination. Reference the images and create one hell of a map.

To become a great environment artist one has to learn architecture and the fundamentals of it. You don't need to know the city limitations and restriction codes that real architects have to deal with.

But, we are digital architects and level designers.

If you learn what defines each architectural style and its elements then you would be on your way to becoming a great level designer.

Minimal, geometric forms.

Hammer and Sickle Building. I can't wait to see something like this in a game.

Focusing on steel framing and glass. Allowing as much light in as possible.

Subway station.

From garages to housing developments and factories. Constructivism did it all.

What I mostly like about Constructivism is how solid and large the buildings look. They have a sense of scale and presence. Very solid and rectangular with a touch of circular shapes and glass to offset the solid blocks.


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