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UDK: How to Set Up vCTF Gametype

Category: UDK
February 10, 2012

The following tutorial we will set up vCTF gametype, which will make the game playable in regular capture the flag and/or vehicle capture the flag. Make sure you have the following gameplay entities inside your map: Player Starts, PathNodes, Weapons, Items, Vehicles (optional), JumpPads.

If you haven't seen the previous tutorial on how to add these into your map, read it out here.


First we need to insert flag bases for each team. Your map should support capture the flag gametype. This means that you designed the map with CTF gameplay in mind. Symmetrical maps work really well for capture the flag. This makes both sides balanced for gameplay.

To insert flag bases go to Actor Classes -> Navigation -> UTCTFBlueFlagBase and UTCTFRedFlagBase.

Select the flag base.

In perspective viewport right click and add it into your map.


For vCTF/CTF maps you have to use UTTeamPlayerStart.

You can find UTTeamPlayerStart under Actor Classes under Common.

Insert these player starts for both teams. Do not use regular Player Start.

Once you select it in the Actor Classes, you can right click in perspective viewport and add it into your map.

By default the UTTeamPlayerStarts will be for red team. In order to change some of them to blue, double click on UTTeamPlayerStart and go into its properties.

Under UDKTeam Player Start, change team number to 1.

1 = blue

0 = red


Another important entity for CTF gametype is UT Defense Point.

You will find UTDefensePoint under Navigation in Actor Classes. UTDefensePoint lets the bots know where to stay and defend.

Once you select it in the Actor Classes, you can right click in perspective viewport and add it into your map near a CTF base.

In order for UTDefensePoint to work you have to link it to the flag base. Double click on the UTDefensePoint and open up its properties.

Under Defended Objective use the red or blue flag base. Repeat for the other flag capture point.

So you should have two of UTDefensePoints. One near red flag capture point and one near blue flag capture point. Both need to be linked to capture points where each one is placed.


Now we need to define a Game Type. Go up to View -> World Properties -> Game Type.

Click on the plus icon and add two entries.

In the drop down menus select UTCTFGame_Content and UTVehicleCTFGame_Content.


Open up World Info tab and under My Map Info use the drop down menu to set UTMapInfo.

After adding UTMapInfo you can set Recommended Players Min/Max.


Now we need to set Map Music Info.

UDK by default has 2 tracks you can use without you having to create your own custom set.

Open Content Browser and browse to A_Music_Arrangements packages.

Select one you want to use.

Once selected use it in the Map Music Info.


Save your map as vCTF.

v is for vehicles. If you don't want to have any vehicles in your map, simply don't insert any. But you have to save your map as vCTF.


Test your map inside the game.


The map should be launched in vCTF gametype and you are ready to play.

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