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L4D: Forcing Info Survivor Position Spawn

Category: Source: L4D1
July 17, 2009

Forcing Info_Survival_Position will allow you to spawn your survivors in specific locations anywhere in the map. You will have more control of who spawns where. Using info_player_start, that control is gone.

Learn how to add more variety to your gameplay by forcing info_survivor_position.


1. Delete any info_player_starts

2. Place info_survivor_position into your map. Place 4 info_survivor_positions.

3. Open up the properties and name each info_survivor_position under survivor_name, name each one with the survivor you want to spawn.

Zoey, Bill, Francis and Louis

4. Place info_director into your map and name the info_director. In my case I named it director.

5. In the director properties under Output Tab, we will set up 2 output properties.


My Output Named: OnGamePlayStart
Target Entity Named: director
Via this Output: ForceSurvivorPosition
After Delay in Seconds: 0


My Output Named: OnGamePlayStart
Target Entity Named: director
Via this Output: ReleaseSurvivorPosition
After Delay in Seconds: .01

6. Compile and test

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