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Game World of Max Payne 3

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September 28, 2012

Game Worlds series is focused on providing you with ideas, inspiration and game screenshot references.

The world of Max Payne 3 includes variety of locations and inspirational environments to look at. From luxurious apartments and clubs to the slums of Brazil, it has a bit of everything. Each environment is extremely detailed and tells a story. I've been a Max Payne fan since the first game that came out in 2001. I still have the original box to the game with a limited addition bonus mouse pad.

Although to me, in terms of the story and the direction that Max Payne 3 took left a lot to be desired. As a game by itself I had a lot of fun playing through it. Mostly I was impressed by the variety of environments and how much detail was included in each location.

Lets go through the world of Max Payne 3. Below you will find over 350+ screenshots. You can use for inspiration, reference game environment locations, prop placement and to help generate ideas.

You may download the high-res screenshots below. These are the same screenshots, only higher resolution.

Note: If you haven't played through the game, you may want to avoid looking at the screenshots. Although I do not spoil the story by talking about it, you may put the pieces together yourself by looking at the locations and how the story progresses. There is also a fair amount of blood and gore in some of the screenshots.

The environments include:

  • Luxury
  • Public Places
  • Industrial/Abandoned
  • Urban
  • Police Station
  • Slums

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Below are screenshots that were taken along my journey in the game. If you prefer to have high res screenshots in jpg format, you can download it below.

Max Payne 3 High Res Screenshot Download Zip 96 Megs.


Starting point of the game.


Environments include a soccer stadium, bus station, airport and a museum.


Industrial and abandoned environments include warehouses, fishing harbor, office building on fire, bus station, boat engine room, and abandoned building.


Urban environments include garage, building's rooftop, New Jersey bar, Max's apartment, morgue and cemetary.


Police station and various sub-environments within it.


Slums of Brazil.


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