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Game World of Fable 2

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October 10, 2008

Game Worlds series is focused on providing you with ideas, inspiration and game screenshot references.

The world in Fable II is completely dynamic, interactive and free roaming.

Fable II world includes seasons, night and day cycles, an economy, social relationships and a absolutely gorgeous art style of the world.

Lets look at the World of Fable 2.

Day / Night Cycle

Atmosphere is the key in the following screenshots. Notice how the color of the sky and the time of day conveys the mood.

Early morning. Dawn.


Night time.

Full Moon.



The environment in Fable II feature trees with branches and leaves that are individually animated according to their own physics, each tree has roughly 120,000 leaves.

Forests, deep lush green colors. Open fields.

Towns and Villages

Stylistic architecture.

Caves and Graves.

Concept Art

Concept work just as spectacular as the world. This is where it all started. With pencil drawings and with digital paintings.

Concept art is copyright to their respective owners.

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