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Game Environment Art and Design - Tutorials List

Full tutorial list for Game Environment Art, Art and Design and Architecture

Full Game Environment Tutorial Guides

Preproduction Blueprint

238 page book and workshop on how to plan your level designs and game environments from an idea to an actionable plan to execute. Book is available as a paperback and Kindle.

Software and Game Engines for Environment Artist:

Software for Game Environment Artist

The following article is a list of software you would need to know and use to create game environments.

Recommended 3D Game Engines - (Updated)

A list of 23 recommended 3d game engines.

What Level Editor and Game Engine Should You Use - (How to Choose)

Tutorial will help ou to decide which level editor and game engine should you choose for your project.

Recommended Level Design Editors

A list of 12 recommended level design editors.

Maya vs Maya LT: Why I Decided to Switch to Maya LT for Game Environment Modeling and UVing

Find out why after almost a decade of using Maya, I switched to Maya LT for all my game environment modeling/UVing needs.

Becoming a Better Environment Aritst:

How to Have the Best Level Design and Game Environment Year

In this blog post I share what has been working for me and what I would recommend you do to have the best year in level design and game environment art.

How to Reverse Engineer Level Design and Game Environment Art

How to use the principles of reverse engineering to become better level designer and game environment artist.

Daily Screenshot Technique: 1-Minute Process For Improving Your Level Designs and Environment Art Work

Simple yet extremely effective technqiue/process of improving and tracking your level designs and game environment art.

13 Ways to Improve Your LD/3D Skill Away From a Computer

Ways of becoming better level designer/environment artist away from the computer. These can be done anywhere, anytime any place. Continue to improve and expand your knowledge.

Game World Creation with Inception

Movie Inception is full of references to level design and game environment creation. Inspiring movie to watch for any level designer and game environment artist.

Why I Failed for Years at Level Design and Game Env.

My personal story of why I failed for years at level design and game environments. Focused on planning and preproduction.

How to Plan Game Environments and Level Designs

Workflow tutorial on how to plan out your game environments and level designs.

How to Start Your Own Level Design or Game Environment Challenge (8 Ways)

Focus on how to start your own self-imposed level design and game environment challenge to improve your work and process.

Deliberate Practice for Level Designers and Environment Artist

Deliberate practice isn't daily work. It isn't what most call, practice. It is a specific kind of practice with its own steps, actions and principles to follow.

Becoming a Level Designer and Environment Artist Pt. 1

Get started with navigation in the editor, interface overview and various viewport options.

Becoming a Level Designer and Environment Artist Pt. 2

Various tips on how to keep your map to proper scale, proportions and dimensions.

IGDA Montreal Halo 3 Environment Presentation

Notes of IGDA-Montreal Presentation with Vic DeLeon a Senior Environment Artist and Mike Zak a Lead Environment Artist at Bungie.

8 Ways to Improve as an Artist/Designer

8 ways to improve as an environment artist and level designer.

Work On Your Map/Environment Art for 30 Days

How to develop a habit on working on your map or game environment art for 30 days straight, without missing a day.

Monthly Level Design/Environment Art Focus

Focus on a single topic, a single monthly improvement to get better at level designing or environment art.

11 Things I Learned From Dream Worlds

What can you learn from production design for animation? Here are 11 things I learned...

Art and Design (Fundamentals of Art & Design):

121 Level Design and Game Environment Location Ideas (Updated)

121 ideas for game environment and level design locations.

Silhouette Design Game Environments

Silhouette design is very powerful way of designing characters, props, and environments. Keys to strong silhouette design of game assets and props.

6 Steps to Basics of Silhouette Environment Design

20 minute video tutorial, 6 Steps to Silhouette Environment Design.

Playing with Space and Light

Olafur Eliasson creates art from a palette of space, distance, color and light. The following video begins with an experiment in the nature of perception.


Constructivist Architecture

Neoclassical architecture was a reaction to Rococo and Baroque architectural styles. Neoclassical period lasted from 1850 to 1900.

NeoClassical Architecture

Constructivist architecture is a form of modern architecture that started in former USSR in 1920s that emerged from constructivist art.