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CryEngine 3 SDK - Tutorials List

How to create Game Environments and Level Designs for CryEngine 3 SDK

Basics/Getting Started:

Download, Installation, Launch

Download, install, and launch the editor and the game. How to change game screen resolution and load example map.

Navigation, Interface and Viewport Options

Get started with navigation in the editor, interface overview and various viewport options.

How to Keep Your Map to Scale

Various tips on how to keep your map to proper scale, proportions and dimensions.


Creating and Generating Terrain

Creating new map, defining heightmap resolution, meters per unit, generating terrain (procedural), terrain options, modifying terrain and resizing terrain.

Paint, Modify and Edit Terrain Manually

How to paint, modify and edit terrain manually. Defining the shape of the terrain how you want it and using combination of manual and procedural terrain.

Import, Export and Create Custom Terrain Heightmap

How to import/export and create your own custom heightmap using Photoshop and various filters. Great way to create realistic terrain.

Terrain Layer Texture Painting

Paint textures and color into your terrain.

Create/Add Roads

How to create and add roads into your map. Bonus: how to add a vehicle and drive on the roads to test them out.

Create/Add Rivers

How to create and add rivers into your map.

How to Move Sections of Your Terrain

How to move sections of your terrain using Move Area Tool. Helpful when you need to reposition chunks of terrain to another part of the map.

Objects, Models and Vegetation:

Placing Objects/Models Into Your Map

Placing objects/models into your map. Manipulating, scaling, rotating, replacing, moving, duplicating objects. Populating the map with models.

Add Vegetation/Foliage/Trees/Grass

Creating and setting up vegetation. Painting trees and grass on the terrain.