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How to Get a Job with Epic Games

Category: Level Design
October 06, 2009

How to Get a Job with Epic Games

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The following notes are from a presentation by AndrewBaines, a Senior Level Designer at Epic Games.

Epic Games 8 Step Hiring Process:

1. Resume gets reviewed by HR
2. Resume reviewed by experts
3. HR phone call
4. Skills Test
5. Experts phone call
6. Reference checking
7. Onsite interview
8. Background investigation

Gears of War 2 Concept Art.

Gears of War 2 Concept Art.

Consider picking a field that needs you:

Currently Epic has 1 character modeler for every 8environment modelers. A good time to get into environment modeling.

Epic Games has 1 concept artist for every 20 artists

Don't apply as art director right out of school.

Being specialized is important but overspecializing isdangerous.

Know that games are cyclic and Epic's team is small. If youare a one trick pony, you might be useless a few months out of the year.

Demonstrate Passion:

You won't succeed without passion. That is what Epic Gameslooks for first and foremost.

Show us game focused extracurricular activities andinternships that you are doing or have done.

Best examples are outside of class:

  • Hobby projectsare king
  • Work on a mod

Good Resume:

There are plenty of resources for this. Use google.

Spell check

List relevant work experience

Good Portfolio:

Make it easy for us to see your talent

Include only your best work. Don't include weak work

Bad stuff hides the good stuff

Portfolio's job is to grab interest

Credit appropriately if you worked on a specific aspect ofthe production or a model

Onsite Interview:

Dress to make us comfortable. Don't dress weird or don'tdress up.

It is ok to be nervous, just don't be weird nervous.

Be ready to talk with a lot of people. It's going to be afull day interview. We want to see if you fit in with us.

Make sure to have questions. It is important to ask usquestions. It makes us see that you are interested and you are payingattention.

Epic Games Headquarters
Epic Games Headquarters.

Questions to Anticipate:

What do you think we could improve about our games? Have ananswer for this. Don't say its perfect. We know our games know that our gamesare not perfect and they are aware what we need to improve. We want to see ifyou are thinking along the same lines.

What is your level design process? How do you get from ideato finished product.

Here are some articles on level design process on World ofLevel Design:

Which aspect of level design really drives you?

Is it gameplay? Visuals? Single player or multiplayer?

What games are you playing right now? Why? What works inthose games and what doesn't?

In closing, thearticle should prepare you wellfor what we look for and how the hiring and the interview process at Epic Gamesflows.

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The following notes were from a presentation by AndrewBaines, a Senior Level Designer at Epic Games.

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