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Maya Beginner Basics: Geometry Basics Exercise

Category: 3D Modeling: Maya
September 23, 2010
Full Text Tutorial and Notes:

Maya Beginner Basics

The following is a 10-Part series on Maya Beginner Basics. The tutorials are set up in-specific to game environment modeling.

Geometry Basics Exercise will help you to begin familiarize yourself with Maya interface, component mode, navigation and manipulating basic shapes.

Note: This is not how you would actually model a game environment. This is a basic exercise to help you manipulate basic shapes, use component mode, and navigate around the viewports.

Tutorial covers:

  • Using and Manipulating Basic Shapes
  • Building a basic environment out of basic shapes
  • Getting Comfortable with Maya Component Mode and Viewport Navigation


Photo Reference I used in the video:

Maya Beginner Basics

Maya Beginner Basics


Select an object:

  • Ctrl+D = Duplicate
  • Shift+D = Duplicate with Transformations


Select an object in your scene and press F.

  • F = Frames your object in the viewport.


Use the reference provided above or select your own. Spend about 30 minutes and work on creating the environment from the reference using basic shapes. Getting comfortable with Maya's Interface.

10-Part Maya Beginner Basics Series:

1. Interface Overview
2. Setting Preferences
3. How to Create a Custom Shelf
4. Viewport Navigation
5. Geometry Modeling Basics
6. Geometry Modeling Basics - Exercise
7. Custom Polygon Display
8. Outliner, Hypergraph and Hypershade
9. Snapping and Pivots
10. How to Set Up a New Project

Updated & Revised - Preproduction Blueprint: How to Plan Your Game Environments and Level Designs

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