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Maya vs Maya LT: Why I Decided to Switch to Maya LT for Game Environment Modeling and UVing

Category: 3D Modeling: Maya, Game Environment Design
August 25, 2016

Should you switch and use Maya LT or should you stick with full version of Maya?

Find out why after almost a decade of using Maya, I decided to completely switch to Maya LT (slimmer, more affordable, indie game development version of Maya) for all my game environment modeling and UVing needs.

Was it the right decision?

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CS:GO SDK How to Decompile Maps to Reverse Engineer and Improve Your Work

Category: Source: CS:GO SDK
August 18, 2016

Each map contains valuable lessons, tips and techniques waiting for you to learn from.

You can reverse engineer how a map was created, how it was optimized and which techniques were used to generate a specific result.

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CS:GO SDK 10 Quick Tip Tutorials w/Source Engine #1-10

Category: Source: CS:GO SDK
August 04, 2016

The following quick tips series is designed for beginners and experts using Hammer Source level editor and Source SDK game engine with specific focus on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive SDK.

These are quick, useful tips to help improve, refine and remind you of tools, techniques and principles you may have not known or forgotten about.

All videos are very short, between 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

The following Part 1 includes 10 quick tips:

  • How to Adjust "Back Clipping Plane" to View More/Less of the Map
  • Adjust "Model Render Distance" to View Props and Not Yellow Bounding Boxes
  • Auto-size 4 Viewports and Maximize/Restore Viewports
  • Can't Join Team or Spawn in the Map Fix
  • How to Quickly Insert a Prop Static Into Your Level
  • How to Group/Ungroup Objects for Easier/Faster Selection and Duplication
  • How to Free Rotate or Snap Rotate in 15 Degrees to Stay on the Grid
  • Can't See Textures or Texture BSP Brushes in Camera/Perspective View
  • How To Use Texture Lock And Texture Scale Lock
  • How To Find And Use Developer Textures In Hammer Source Tutorial

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23 Recommended 3D Game Engines (Updated)

Category: Level Design, Game Environment Design
December 12, 2012 (Updated: July 28, 2016)

Update #3 (July 28, 2016): This post has been completely updated with 7 new, additional game engines, updated links and information that was outdated.

If you ever wanted to take your skill further into game development and game design, you will need to begin exploring the world of game engines. Game engines will provide you with the framework that game designers use to create games.

Not every game engine is available to download to try without paying for a license first. However there are many free game engines, open source engines and non-commercial versions that you could work with and download right now.

In this blog post I will provide you with options and links to few game engine, their features and download page so you can make a better decision on which one is right for you.

So, for those who are interested in going a bit further into game development, to explore new technologies to showcase your game environments in or just curious behind game engine technology; here are 23 suggestions of game engines you can get your hands on right now.

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CS:GO SDK How to Choose/Change Your Map's Team Player Models for CT and T Teams

Category: Source: CS:GO SDK
July 21, 2016

How do you define which team player models are spawned in your map?

How do you make FBI vs The Anarchist or Separatists vs GIGN?

This is done with a simple .kv text file you create in notepad.

Tutorial covers:

  • Using appropriate CSGO faction to support your map's location and story
  • Creating .kv file that defines the player model factions for each teamEditing .kv file
  • Complete T and CT team faction list with images, maps used and description
  • How to set up CT vs CT or T vs T player team factions

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Interview: Professional Level Designer Talks Designing Single-Player vs Multiplayer Levels, VR Challenges and Tips for Getting Started

Category: Interviews
July 14, 2016

Massive interview with Pete Ellis, an experienced level designer from Guerrilla Cambridge studios.

Pete has worked on "Killzone Mercenary" for the Playstation Vita, and "Killzone Shadow Fall" for the Playstation 4. He is currently working on "RIGS: Mechanized Combat League", a Playstation VR exclusive.

After Pete contributed 3 extensive tutorials to WoLD on Single Player Level Design Pacing/Gameplay Beats and Seeing the World as a Level Designer - I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask Pete and learn more from him.

The interview goes deep and we discuss a lot of topics.

If you are a level designer or someone who wants to work in game development, this is a must read!

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CS:GO SDK How to Create Functional, Climbable Ladders

Category: Source: CS:GO SDK
June 23, 2016

To create a functional ladder in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for players to climb up is a two-step process.

You need:

  • Visual object that lets the player know they can climb here
  • BSP brush with ladder tool texture positioned properly in front of the visual object

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CS:GO SDK Complete Guide to Using VisGroups to Organize and Work on Large/Complex Maps

Category: Source: CS:GO SDK
June 16, 2016

As your map grows in size and complexity, the viewports become cluttered and a nightmare to work with. Placing and aligning BSP brushes or props begins to be near impossible.

What do you do?

How do you work on a large map and keep everything organized?

In Hammer Source, you must use VisGroups, and here is how.

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UE4: Spotlight - 14 Submitted Artworks From "UE4 The Corridor Project"

Category: Unreal Engine 4
May 26, 2016

"UE4 The Corridor Project" was created out of need.

A need for a full step-by-step workflow on how to construct an environment from start to finish using Unreal Engine 4.

I want to share some of the submitted work from The Corridor Project as completed by you!

I really appreciate everyone who submitted their work. I am very thankful for your support. You make WoLD possible and it is why I spend so much on the website and on each tutorial. It is also why I will continue to do so!

I am very pleasantly surprised how much variety there is. I'm also a bit envious of some changes and additions I wish I came up myself at the time of creation.

All screenshots below were submitted by artists who have completed "UE4 The Corridor Project. List below is not presented in any specific order.

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CS:GO SDK Terminal Ballistics or How to Test if You Can Shoot Through Walls (Bullet Penetration)

Category: Source: CS:GO SDK
May 19, 2016

Ballistics is a study of the effects of firing a bullet from a gun.

Terminal ballistics is a sub-field of ballistics. It is the study of the behavior and effects of a projectile when it hits its target.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive terminal ballistics is known as bullet penetration.

Bullet Penetration is a gameplay mechanic that allows every weapon to penetrate variety of surfaces and do damage to a player behind it.

Learn how to test if you can shoot through geometry and props inside your map.

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CS:GO SDK Automatically Assign Any Weapon to a Player On Spawn

Category: Source: CS:GO SDK
May 12, 2016

If you are creating a training map focused on one weapon type such as ak-47, awp, deagle or revolver then you want to make sure the player spawns only with that weapon equipped.

You need to strip all weapons from player's inventory that are given to them by default and assign a weapon you want for them to spawn with.

Learn how to use game_player_equip entity and assign any weapon to a player upon spawn.

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CS:GO SDK How to Spawn Any Weapon on the Ground (for fy/aim maps)

Category: Source: CS:GO SDK
May 05, 2016

If you are creating a fight yard (FY) or aim map you need to spawn weapons on the ground for the player to pick up.

Learn how to spawn any weapon in CS:GO into your map.

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Seeing the World as a Level Designer

Category: Level Design
April 28, 2016

"Last of Us" ©Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC; Dev: NaughtyDog Inc

Pete Ellis is back with another article on how to use "Environmental Transference" and begin to see the world as a level designer.

Pete is a level designer at Guerrilla Cambridge and he has worked on "Killzone: Shadow Fall" and "Killzone: Mercenary" games. He is currently working on "RIGS".

You may remember Pete with 3-part tutorial series on "Single Player Level Design Pacing and Gameplay Beats", which I highly recommend you to check out. But before you do that - read on to learn how to begin seeing the world as a level designer.

My personal favorite ideas from this article are "denial spaces" concept and intriguing level design space - a route between two buildings example.

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UE4: Solution to Decals Not Rendering/Showing in Indirect Static Lighting

Category: Unreal Engine 4
April 14, 2016

By default, decals will not render or show up in static indirectly lit areas (in shadow). This is due to a new rendering decal system implemented in UE4. To make your decals work in any lighting situation you have to enable DBuffer decals. Here is how to do so and solve the problem and make your decals render in static indirect lighting.

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UE4: How to Insert, Apply and Use Decals Inside Your Level

Category: Unreal Engine 4
April 07, 2016

Tutorial focuses on how to insert, apply and use decals inside your level. Such as how to move, rotate, scale decals and project them onto surrounding geometry properly.

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UE4: How to Create Your First Decal Material

Category: Unreal Engine 4
March 31, 2016

Decals are materials that can be projected onto existing geometry (Static Meshes, BSP brushes or Skeletal Meshes) that are already placed inside the level.

Decals are one of the best ways to add additional detail into a level without having to create a new texture or material variation.

With most games out there taking advantage of decals, here is how to create your first decal and begin using them in your own project.

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CS:GO Prop Statics Are Black and Don't Light Properly [Solved] - Wildfire Update

Category: Source: CS:GO SDK
March 01, 2016

Due to recent Wildfire update and improvements to lighting in Source, if you Run Map on Normal with Run VIS and Run RAD set to Normal/Fast options - your props will render black.

This issue is very likely to be fixed in the near future. But in the meantime what do you do when you want to run your map on Fast compile options?  Here is a fix.

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